Debt capital/refinance

We advise privately owned companies, private equity-backed businesses, large privately owned corporate groups and public companies on raising and refinancing debt capital.

Over the last few years debt capital markets have significantly evolved. Large non-bank debt funds have allocated capital to the mid-market on a direct lending basis to take advantage of the opportunity presented by the lending constraints at mainstream banks and in search of good yields not available in the public bond and gilt markets.

Consequently, debt options for mid-market companies have broadened materially, with these non-bank debt funds offering:

  • Higher multiples and more flexible structures
  • Effective mixing of bank and non-bank facilities
  • More flexibility over uses of capital, such as debt refinancing, dividend recapitalisation and sponsorless management buy-outs

We have unrivalled knowledge of the non-bank market and our insight ensures we know 'the Art of the Possible' in terms of quantum, structure and pricing of debt.

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